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The Twelve Days of Texting

Worldwide, texting is a very personal activity – not withstanding the texting to short codes and receiving responses or alerts, roughly 90% of texting worldwide is to another person.  Globally, we still see SMS (or texting) growing.  Our global statistics continue to show worldwide SMS traffic growing, but certainly slowing. We have a number of [...]

Will iMessage Impact SMS?

Now that the wraps are off iOS 5, we can start to review what some of the new features and apps will do for the rest of the telecommunications ecosystem.  Since we are a messaging-centric company, among other things, I thought I’d take a few minutes to look at the potential impact of iMessage and [...]

New Trends in Messaging

As we’ve recently finished another round of the  Austin, Texas based South By Southwest (SXSW) extravaganza, there has been a great deal of media attention to a number of “new” alternative messaging providers:  Kik, Beluga (recently acquired by Facebook), Fast Society, GroupMe, What’s App, TEXTme, and Ping Chat to name a few.   There are so [...]

Looking Back Before Looking Ahead

Our new video, The Growth in Mobile, (below) got me thinking on just how far this industry HAS come, since I was in school.  � I’m going to reveal clues to my age here, but in the mid-to-late 1970’s and early 1980’s, when I was in High School and college, we did not have the [...]

Can IPX Save the World? (of Mobile IP)

The last couple of weeks have been quite busy for those of us who follow or participate in the mobile industry. First, we had the Research in Motion / Blackberry stories that Saudi Arabia, UAE, possibly India and Lebanon would go as far as outright banning Blackberry email and IM traffic from networks in their [...]

Mid-Year Global Messaging Traffic Update

It is time for us to take a short assessment of the global SMS traffic statistics to see how this important part of the global ARPU equation is doing.   In my December blog entry, we noted that the world would finish 2009, with around 4.5-5 trillion SMS messages.  It did – 5.035 trillion to be [...]

Mobilize Your Day…with SMS

The new Sybase 365 video: Your Day – Mobilize the Possibilities (I’ve included a link to this for the benefit of my readers with Safari browsers, who can’t support embedded Flash video) , is, in my humble opinion, one of the best we’ve done, to date.  I like it because, while many of us in this industry [...]

iPhone MMS Support Pushes October MMS Message Surge

We all thought that the iPhone would help boost U.S. MMS traffic, once MMS was supported on the iPhone, but we never imaged that in one month, the iPhone helped boost an almost 50% growth in traffic, ecosystem-wide, from September to October, 2009.  Quite amazing, to say the least.  It’s if all of that pent-up [...]

NY Times’ Critical Article on Mobile Industry

You have to hand it to the New York Time’s very critical article about the mobile carriers and industry in general (by David Pogue) — they do know how to fan the flames. Unfortunately, Mr. Pogue only seem to perpetuate the various myths about the US mobile industry. True, the industry and carriers are certainly [...]

USA Now World’s Largest Generator of SMS

The world has always noted that China was the world’s largest producer of SMS message traffic, due to their large subscriber base (as of end of Q1, 2009, at over 648 million). Based on data from Informa Telecoms & Media, during 2007, China generated over 609 billion SMS message. This increased to almost 700 billion [...]