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Dodd-Frank Stands Technically Corrected and Small Banks Lose

“People got a bit lax,” Queen Elizabeth II said last week of the time leading up to the financial crisis. “Perhaps it was difficult to foresee.” The U.K.’s monarch also lamented that her nation’s Financial Services Authority “didn’t have the teeth” to curb risky business through 2008. And dental enhancements for global banking regulators continue to [...]

Lighting Up Dark Pools and Dissing Dodd-Frank

Shadow banking may sound like the demon brainchild of Dr. Evil and Gordon Gekko, but about half of the banking system’s assets are in this mostly unregulated realm of finance. And global regulators at the Financial Stability Board recently looked at taming that realm. Liquidity buffers, leverage limits and standards on how to make calculations [...]

Regulatory Reform: It’s The System, Not The Software

Trading stood still on more than 200 companies Monday, as a server kept the New York Stock Exchange from publishing quotes for most of the day. Taken alone, this seems like a technical glitch. But combined with earlier problems, such as Knight Capital in August, Facebook in May, BATS in March and other issues this [...]

Dodd-Frank and the Global Culture Change

Author’s Note: Happy Veterans Day! “The impact of Dodd-Frank for foreign banks is going to be widespread and long-lasting,” according to a recent report by Boston-based research and consulting firm Celent. “The new rules would alter the trading strategies and operations of most of the large swap trading firms globally.” U.S. firms would see less [...]

Keeping It Simple

You know that big sign with all of the rules at the swimming pool? Read through them quickly, and you’ve got it. There is no need to commit them to memory when you’ve got a clear understanding. The writers of those swimming pool rules seem to know something that legislators and regulators must have missed. [...]

Crying All the Way to Dodd-Frank; Greenspan on “A Couple of Hundred Detailed Regulations”

Alan Greenspan penned an op-ed in Tuesday’s “Financial Times” on the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, disparaging it almost point by point. Many arguments are phoned in, but his most important part is completely absent.