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The Big Data Crossroads of 2012

Emerging markets and technologies could have a profound impact on investments in 2012, a topic Inside Market Data explored on Monday. The weekly market data publication talked to Sybase CTO Irfan Khan about how the growing importance of Big Data is changing analytics. “Companies are at a crossroads,” Khan said. “While some are looking for [...]

Making Sense of Big Data, Update

Though many investment banks handle structured data with aplomb, unstructured information is not so easy. But they can stem this growing concern if they update their technology and approach, according to Sybase’s Irfan Khan. Easily queried information in the form of, say, columns and rows makes it a breeze to search structured data v. unstructured [...]

Making Sense of Big Data

Big Data problems and solutions will be the big topics of a roundtable discussion Tuesday at the Bloomberg Enterprise Technology Summit in London, and Sybase’s Irfan Khan will be one of the people participating. Khan and experts from Microsoft, IBM and Attivio will join a European technology editor for Bloomberg News for “Making Sense of [...]

Racing to Zero Latency

Lace up your shoes and upgrade your trading infrastructure. Take your mark and install new hardware. Get set and co-locate your computer services with the market center. But before you go, know that you’re still not prepared to win the race to zero latency. Front runners in high-frequency trading are leading by a lap because [...]

Rise of the Chief Data Officer

Many IT organizations treat data as a nuisance, rather than an asset. Sybase CTO Irfan Khan (below) told IT Business Edge why successful companies of the future will be those that proactively manage both data and its integrity. We’ll see a rise in the number of chief data officers corresponding to firms’ increasing reliance on [...]