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Dodd-Frank and the Global Culture Change

Author’s Note: Happy Veterans Day! “The impact of Dodd-Frank for foreign banks is going to be widespread and long-lasting,” according to a recent report by Boston-based research and consulting firm Celent. “The new rules would alter the trading strategies and operations of most of the large swap trading firms globally.” U.S. firms would see less [...]

How Now, New Cow: a Tale of New Regulatory Standards and Banking Stress Tests

The why of improving bank stress testing is easy. It would improve industry confidence and regulatory compliance. It would also set straight a bunch of Europe’s biggest banks — the ones that failed revised stress testing conducted by Credit Suisse last year. Tougher and equally compelling is the how. The European banking industry is up [...]

Rapid Data Growth and Stress Testing Cause Problems Across Europe, Surveys Show

Debate across Europe over debt crises, austerity measures, bail-out funds and credit ratings make it easy to forget that the region’s financial institutions are on the same page about stress testing and regulation, as well as data growth and latency. Results of a recent Sybase survey released Tuesday serve as a reminder. Rapid growth of [...]

An Industry Win Over Liquidity Buffers

Chalk up a victory for the financial services industry last weekend in its resistance to higher capital requirements under Basel III. Institutions would still have to maintain significant buffers to prevent another round of government bailouts, but they could dip into these high-quality assets when times get tough enough. “During a period of stress, banks [...]

Risk, Compliance and CEP

Risk management is at the heart of what capital markets firms do, according to Kenan Maciel, director of New York-based consultancy Lab49. And looming regulatory requirements and technological advances make it more important than ever. Maciel spoke during a Waters Technology Risk and Compliance webcast on Wednesday. After some discussion of Basel III and Dodd-Frank, [...]

Want to See the Game Change? Be a Game Changer

Before any pick-up game as a kid — or now for that matter — we always set up the rules. The more complex the game, the longer everyone must wait to play. But participants in the capital markets cannot suspend their work, starting with the 2008 financial meltdown and ending who-knows-when, as Dodd-Frank, Basel III [...]

Latency, Regulation and Stress Tests Pose Challenges, Survey Shows

Data latency and new regulation are the banking industry’s two biggest technology challenges, according to a survey from last month’s Sybase Financial Services Executive Summit in London. Respondents expect firms to spend more of their technology budget on these concerns than anything else over the next three years. These expenditures will be unavoidable in many [...]

Capital Surcharges and Market-Wide Circuit Breakers Make Regulatory Strides

Motivated by years of recession or a few terrifying minutes of market depression, last week was exciting for remedial action by regulatory authorities. Large financial institutions are looking at higher capital reserves, and traders are more likely than ever to see older circuit breaker rules give way to new ones. Cash or Surcharge? The world’s [...]

Surcharges Become Reality

The proposed surcharges I mentioned a couple of blog posts ago are on the books. The surcharges, between 1 percent and 2.5 percent of risk-adjusted assets, are meant to protect banks from themselves in the case of another financial crisis. “The surcharge comes on top of the worldwide Basel III minimum of 7 percent set [...]

Mark Zandi: The Economic Outlook is “Really Quite Good”

We can be optimistic about the economy thanks to well-meaning — though imperfect — regulation, according to Mark Zandi, the keynote speaker at Sybase’s Executive Summit at the New York Stock Exchange last week. Attendance slots for the event were oversubscribed, much like the initial public offering for LinkedIn, which also took place on Thursday. [...]