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ASE Offers Enhancements in Operational Scalability

Database maintenance windows are shrinking, and data volumes are only getting bigger; they are unfortunate realities in capital markets. Fortunately, high availability and operational scalability are on the rise with major innovations in the latest version of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. Last week’s webcast “Enhancements in Operational Scalability” discussed ASE 15.7’s ability to optimize data [...]

The Upgrade Conundrum, Intermediate Release v. Major Release

When it comes to upgrades, firms typically weigh the cost and hassle of installing and testing a major release versus benefits of features in an intermediate release. “The nice thing about an IR is that you are dealing mostly with code enhancements, rather than rewrites,” said Jeffrey Garbus, a 20-year veteran of database architecture. “So [...]

Maximizing Your Storage Investment with Compression

Storing information in the age of Big Data has been a challenge for just about everybody. The more data you have to store, the more you have to spend. Right? Not necessarily. Sybase’s latest version of Adaptive Server Enterprise can reduce your storage investments with new technologies, such as data and Large OBject compression. Firms [...]

ASE 15.7 Offers New Tools for Developers

Sure, traders in the front office feel squeezed beneath unprecedented volumes of Big Data, but so do techies in the back office. Sybase obviously had the oft-neglected developer in mind when planning Tuesday’s techcast on the latest in Adaptive Server Enterprise: ASE 15.7. “Language and Productivity Advances for Application Development” explored new application tools for [...]