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Securing The Future And The Bottom Line With Data Management

It’s increasingly expensive for big banks to maintain their size, especially while they face growing data management challenges, increased capital reserve requirements and regulatory surcharges. Conventional wisdom used to hold that a bigger bank could better spread its risk. With more assets under its control, a big bank can diversify to the point of almost [...]

CEP Basics Prime Traders for Real-Time Success

“The deluge of information stemming from social media, mobile devices and machine-generated devices,” is a definition of Big Data cited by 18 percent of 154 C-level executives at international companies in a recent SAP-sponsored poll. More than half indicated that Big Data was either a colossal expansion of transaction data or new technologies addressing that [...]

Increased Longevity of Trading Strategies with Sybase Integration into SAP

Efficacy and effectiveness of trading strategy lifespans are dropping, be they buried in a high-frequency trading algorithm or a long-term human trading based strategy. That’s a disturbing enough trend before considering that an increasing number of market participants are analyzing more information in greater depth to identify arbitrage opportunities or patterns that can generate profit. [...]

BATS Hits the Rocks, Which May Help Fill Its Sails

Despite weeks of daily tests to the ensure company’s systems could handle its own Initial Public Offering, BATS Global Markets promptly noticed that they had a problem last Friday. “Staff members were quickly dispatched to diagnose and fix the software problem, and within minutes the company had called the SEC to alert the agency,” The [...]

More Than Rumor Has It: Social Media Can Wreak Havoc on the Market

“North Korea’s biggest leader Kim Jung Un, this morning in Beijing time 2:45 a.m., had his residence broken into and was assassinated,” a social media message from China stated last week. “Vehicles are rapidly increasing in number … this sort of battle formation hasn’t been seen in over two years.” This rumor, and at least [...]

If They’re Happy and They Tweet It, Buy the Stock

There’s nothing revolutionary about gauging consumer opinion, except when you use social media to help. Incorporating properly distilled data from the likes of Twitter and LinkedIn offers investors access to an exponentially broader slice of the population. Imagine going from a survey of hundreds or thousands of people to analyzing data volunteered by millions. It’s [...]

The Big Data Crossroads of 2012

Emerging markets and technologies could have a profound impact on investments in 2012, a topic Inside Market Data explored on Monday. The weekly market data publication talked to Sybase CTO Irfan Khan about how the growing importance of Big Data is changing analytics. “Companies are at a crossroads,” Khan said. “While some are looking for [...]

Mastering Big Data with Advanced Analysis

Finding the needle in a haystack doesn’t do much good if you can’t sew. Likewise, ingesting mass quantities of information in search of a few relevant points is only part of mastering Big Data. Firms must then perform advanced analysis to compare the new data points with others from similar collections. “The revenue, their cost, [...]

Risk, Compliance and CEP

Risk management is at the heart of what capital markets firms do, according to Kenan Maciel, director of New York-based consultancy Lab49. And looming regulatory requirements and technological advances make it more important than ever. Maciel spoke during a Waters Technology Risk and Compliance webcast on Wednesday. After some discussion of Basel III and Dodd-Frank, [...]

McGovern to Address the Comprehensive Effectiveness of Complex Event Processing

Complex Event Processing is a big picture technology, yet so much discussion about it gets stalled by details and lost in the weeds. This week, Sybase’s Neil McGovern will demonstrate how capital markets firms use CEP across the trade life cycle. His presentation will include intra-day analytics, risk aggregation and continuous intelligence. McGovern will make [...]