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Archive for December 2010

Hey, Big Trender

Which trends to buck, which ones to follow? Buck data replication across multiple silos, for one, and roll with event streaming capabilities.

Innovation in Liquidity Management

We were very pleased to see SAP/Sybase chosen for the “Leader in Innovation” award by Financial-i for our Liquidity Management Suite. This product suite does truly take an innovative approach to liquidity management. Unlike other tools that grew out of payment systems or ALM systems, this suite was designed from the ground up with the [...]

Ants, Grasshoppers and A Wolf

Financial Times columnist Martin Wolf draws a parallel between today’s European economic crisis and Aesop’s ancient tale of the Ants and the Grasshopper.

Gone in 60 Seconds

Ok the Lehmans collapse wasn’t that bad. But the flash crash came close! I wanted to post again on the flash crash and the Lehmans collapse. Referring to a previous blog I discussed emergence and complexity and the tendency towards cascade failure in complex systems (happy Christmas!). I saw a recent paper on that [...]