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Partners in Crime – Data Mining with Sybase IQ

What if a computer could process a visual image, extract key characteristics from it, and then use that data to find comparable images with a high degree of accuracy?  That’s exactly what state of the art image processing algorithms can do.  One of Sybase’s OEM partners is using IQ as a platform for its facial [...]

Deriving Business Intelligence with BIRT

Access to your data and confidence in its integrity is vital. Without the ability to derive intelligence from your data, however, it is just data. Rich visualization tools, such as BIRT, are critical for getting the most from the data you collect and manage daily. And you want those tools to be accessible and easy [...]

Guest Blogger: Ray Gans, Community Manager for the BIRT Community

Hello Sybase community! My name is Ray Gans. I am the Community Manager for the BIRT community, and employed by Actuate Corporation – the primary developer of BIRT. My role is to support the BIRT developer and IT professional community by acting as their liaison to Actuate and ensuring the community’s voice is heard. Background [...]

Compression v Enumeration

… And the winner is … Over the holiday last month, I came across a well-written article on column-oriented databases. The author, a BI consultant named Bojan Ciric, wrote an excellent summary of column-oriented databases, one you might want to read here, if you’re new to the topic. In the article, the author cautions that [...]

Sybase IQ and the Other 80 Percent

How much of your organization’s information actually resides in a database? You might be surprised to learn that as much as 80% of your total data never finds its way into a DBMS. Residing in file systems or elsewhere outside of the database domain, this data represents a vast untapped reservoir of information, stored in [...]

Faster Analytics for partner products and customer applications

Hi Everyone, Hopefully, by now, you’ve heard enough about Sybase IQ 15 to know that it is a tremendous breakthrough for performing Advanced Analytics. With version 15, instead of having to compromise on only getting two of the three cogs in the analytics machine — namely accuracy, processing time and data volume — you get [...]

Sybase IQ: a place for everything, and everything in its place

Hello, everyone: Do you remember when you were a child, and your bedroom was a shambles of toys, books, and tossed clothing?  It took you forever to find that special pair of midnight blue sandals for your Barbie, and usually you found only one shoe.  When your birthday rolled around, there was no place to [...]

Sybase IQ – Data Analytics in the Amazon Cloud

Sybase has launched a new initiative to host its technology in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. One of the hosted products is Sybase’s data analytics platform: Sybase IQ. What is it about Sybase IQ that make it “cloud friendly”?

Partners complete the picture

Hi, everyone. I’m the product manager for partners and technologies that complete a solution that includes Sybase IQ. Our partners complement Sybase IQ’s open, standards-based architecture, allowing them to easily integrate into a complete solution. By completing the stack, our partners bring even more innovation to make an end-to-end, best-of-breed BI solution available to you. [...]

The NEW Sybase ETL

Hi, I’m the product manager for Sybase IQ and Sybase ETL. Ever since the new Sybase ETL v4.8 was released in March this year, I have been bombarded with questions from customers, partners, and our sales engineers. So I decided to write some Blogs to share with more of you more rapidly. So here you [...]