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Compression v Enumeration

… And the winner is … Over the holiday last month, I came across a well-written article on column-oriented databases. The author, a BI consultant named Bojan Ciric, wrote an excellent summary of column-oriented databases, one you might want to read here, if you’re new to the topic. In the article, the author cautions that [...]

Partners complete the picture

Hi, everyone. I’m the product manager for partners and technologies that complete a solution that includes Sybase IQ. Our partners complement Sybase IQ’s open, standards-based architecture, allowing them to easily integrate into a complete solution. By completing the stack, our partners bring even more innovation to make an end-to-end, best-of-breed BI solution available to you. [...]

Column-Orientation, Italian Style

I spent a few moments on a flight back from Buenos Aires this past week, reading the comments of SAP’s co-founder Hisso Plattner, regarding the bright future for column-oriented databases, and can only conclude that we’re of like minds. [Now if I could achieve being of “like portfolios” I’d be truly set, but that’ll have [...]

What’s Your Green IQ?: Tackling Data Center Energy Costs at the Root Cause

One of the many challenges that businesses face today seems almost impossible to solve: the need to store, manage, and analyze an ever-increasing amount of data while keeping data center power, cooling, and real estate costs down. It falls into that “doing more with less” category, but it is far more than a cliche.  This [...]

A New Blogger Joins the Sybase IQ Blog

Hello Everyone: My name is Bill Jacobs. I’m Director of Evangelism and Technical Marketing for Sybase analytics and integration products, and manage a team of product experts for Sybase. I’ll soon be adding my voice to the Sybase IQ Blog, along with administering the page, making sure we build and maintain a good flow of [...]

Fast loading with Sybase IQ 15

Hi all, Back again from my sojourn at TDWI in Las Vegas. Despite a slight drop in attendance this time, appetite for data warehousing knowledge was as strong as ever at TDWI. The best demonstration of that, perhaps, was the packed attendance at the keynote session presented by Cisco that showcased BI best practices for [...]

Introducing ….. .Sybase IQ 15

Hello everyone, I am a Product Manager at Sybase, responsible for our category leading business analytics product – Sybase IQ Analytics Server. Today, I am pleased to announce our latest addition to the Sybase blogs – one that is specifically dedicated to business and technology trends in the analytics market as they relate to Sybase [...]