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Guest Blogger: Ray Gans, Community Manager for the BIRT Community

Hello Sybase community! My name is Ray Gans. I am the Community Manager for the BIRT community, and employed by Actuate Corporation – the primary developer of BIRT. My role is to support the BIRT developer and IT professional community by acting as their liaison to Actuate and ensuring the community’s voice is heard. Background [...]

Sybase IQ 15.1 – More than meets the eye…

Sybase announced Sybase IQ version 15.1 this week with some powerful new capabilities. Most noteworthy are 2 new in-database analytics capabilities, both game-changers if your needs include fast, easy, low-latency statistical analysis or predictive modeling. Also announced are new tools to speed reporting and simplify information lifecycle management. Sybase IQ 15.1 speeds statistical analytics, at [...]