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When Customers are Collateral Damage

Last week Oracle announced they are dropping software support for Itanium, effectively killing HP servers as a platform for Oracle databases. Apparently half of HP Superdome servers run Oracle. Ouch.

Enterprises looking to upgrade to the latest version of Oracle will face a dilemma. Purchase shiny new Sun hardware at the same time or migrate to a different database. Both are expensive propositions.

Collateral damage. That’s what customers are when vendors look to grow market share by hurting the very customers they want to win over. There’s irony here.

Some people will probably point to this as a reason to consolidate to one vendor with a complete stack. Personally I think there’s wisdom in picking vendors who don’t have this software/hardware conflict of interest. Besides, having the freedom to choose best-of-breed hardware and software will put savings in your company’s pocket, and probably net you a promotion at the same time.

Challenge is there aren’t too many best of breed data warehousing and analytics vendors that fit the profile. (See latest Gartner MQ for Enterprise Data Warehouse DBMSs and Forrester Wave Enterprise Data Warehouse Platforms). Sybase and SAP being exceptions, of course!

And you won’t be collateral damage either.

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