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The Performance Series

Sybase is no stranger to The Data Warehousing Institute. Over the past few years, we have been partner members, we have sponsored research, and we have exhibited frequently at the quarterly conferences. Plus, as some key industry influencers will attest — and not to brag or anything — but we have hosted some really nice industry influencer dinners. However, next week at the Summer conference in San Diego, we’ll be doing something we haven’t tried before.

Since the TDWI conferences are all about education, we decided that we would go beyond sharing information about Sybase IQ and our tremendous success in the analytics market. So this time out, we are sponsoring an eight-part course outlining the key business and technological considerations for achieving high-performance business intelligence/data warehousing.We’re calling it The Performance Series.


The eight 10-minute mini-classes are as follows:

BI/DW Performance: The Warning Signs
Identifying the business and technical factors that foreshadow BI/DW performance issues.

High-Performance Architecture Part 1: Columnar Databases
Why has the column-based approach garnered so much recentattention for BI/DW? A straightforward overview of the approach and the benefits it brings.

High-Performance Architecture Part 2: SMP or MPP?
Symmetric or massively parallel? Shared disk? Shared nothing? Shared everything? How to choose an architecture that best fits the needs of your organization.

Performance BI/DW Part 1: In-Database Analytics
A look at the performance and security advantages that resultfrom moving analytics processing into the database.

Performance BI/DW Part 2: Text Search and Analysis
It’s estimated that 80% or more of most organizations’ data is trapped in unstructured formats. What if you could leverage those valuable data assets within your BI/DW environment?

Performance BI/DW Part 3: Web Enabled Analytics
Ensuring that your BI/DW environment is Web 2.0 app-friendly,and that it stays on the cutting edge of Web development.

Managing Information Lifecycle in a Performance Environment
Having data where and when it is needed is a major consideration;making the best use of available resources is another. Sound Information Lifecycle Management Policies help to ensure thatyou can have both.

The Four-Phase Approach to BI/DW Performance
Beyond the lifecycle of the data is the lifecycle of the BI/DW environment. How to ensure that your environment is providing the answers your organization needs.

If you’re planning to attend the TDWI conference, we look forward to having you join us for this course. The classes will be presented at booth #102 in the main exhibit hall during show floor hours.

If you can’t make it to TDWI, we are also sponsors of an in-depth certification course from BEYE University. Called The Analytics Performance Series, this online course covers the same topics listed above in somewhat greater depth. It is presented by industry luminaries Claudia Imhoff, Seth Grimes, and David Loshin.

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