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Sybase IQ and the Other 80 Percent

How much of your organization’s information actually resides in a database? You might be surprised to learn that as much as 80% of your total data never finds its way into a DBMS. Residing in file systems or elsewhere outside of the database domain, this data represents a vast untapped reservoir of information, stored in formats as diverse as e-mail, media files, and various document types. While difficult (if not impossible) to access via standard data management solutions, this information is highly valuable and, in most environments, is growing at an explosive rate.

Via the Large Object (LOB) management option, Sybase IQ provides the means to store and retrieve unstructured data objects as part of the same repository as transactional or analytical data. LOB data may include images, maps, documents (postscript files, word processing files, presentations, etc.), audio, video, and XML files. Sybase IQ can manage individual LOBs containing terabytes or even petabytes of data, as needed. By bringing relational and unstructured data together into a single location, Sybase IQ enables you to access both types of data using the same application, and the same interface.

You might consider adding LOB management capability to your environment if your environment includes any of the following:

    Email archiving for compliance
    Legal protection of data for compliance
    Multimedia data
    Insurance claims processing

By using Sybase IQ to bring together both structured and unstructured data, you gain control over all the data relavent to users and applications, not just the structured data. This eliminates the need for complex logistical arrangements with system administrators who manage unstructured data separately, usually  in file systems. It also eliminates the risk of data unavailability should the file systems experience system failure or downtime. Centralized data access means a more stable and more secure system. With the Sybase IQ LOB management option, you can bring the full power of an enterprise class DBMS to the management of unstructured data.

Sybase IQ supports parallel bulk data loads, which improve loading of LOBs by reducing the I/O load from the disk. This approach to data loading is also much faster than loading data into traditional file systems, which are less efficient at handling large sequential files. You can also extract LOB out of Sybase IQ with tremendous speed and efficiency. Apply Sybase IQ’s unique data compression technology to LOB objects, especially text data, and you get much more efficient storage than a file system could support. Plus, the data compression makes retrieval of the unstructured LOB data dramatically faster. Additionally, the word index feature available for LOB text data enables Sybase IQ to do rapid searches and string manipulation on LOB text data via standard SQL statements.

Sybase IQ and the Large Object management option can help you maximize the unstructured data in your environment. Keep that in mind when you’re ready to start digging into and gaining insight from that other 80% of your data.

Learn more about  the Sybase IQ Large Object Management Option here.

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