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What’s Your Green IQ?: Tackling Data Center Energy Costs at the Root Cause

One of the many challenges that businesses face today seems almost impossible to solve: the need to store, manage, and analyze an ever-increasing amount of data while keeping data center power, cooling, and real estate costs down. It falls into that “doing more with less” category, but it is far more than a cliche.  This particular combination of conflicting business needs is becoming (or is already) a serious concern for IT managers and CIOs who are facing energy costs and energy ceilings that are hitting critical mass.


As organizations take a fresh look at the possible solutions, there is a growing realization that hardware alone can no longer bear the burden of our data-hungry, analysis-driven business reality. The good news in this story is that smarter, more sustainable solutions that address the problem at its source – their data management software – are gaining momentum and being adopted with excellent results.


Using real-time business reporting and sophisticated analytics to outsmart the competition is emerging as a “must do” business practice in many industries. Often intricate analytic models must be run against vast amounts of data to accurately spot trends and predict future outcomes. However, these analytics systems are where the data explosion has gotten most out of control. Implementing more efficient data management for reporting and analytics systems, therefore, can solve not only the data explosion issue and its byproduct (rampant energy use) but also dramatically increase the speed, scalability, and flexibility of reporting and analytics.


As an alternative to the inefficient row-based data management systems, a column-based database can provide cost and energy advantages similar to virtualization while dramatically accelerating performance of reporting and analytics workloads. Sybase IQ, the world’s leading column-based analytics server, has been proven in over 1,500 customers to compress raw input data up to 90 percent for data-intensive reporting and analytic applications – which have resulted in up to 91% reduction in hardware and energy requirements and a decrease in CO2 emissions by as much as 90 percent.  At the same time, Sybase IQ has been proven to deliver up to 100-fold faster reporting and analytics results. That’s real eco-savings, and a real business performance boost.


With electricity accounting for 15%-20% of the data center cost, Sybase IQ’s built-in compression and cost savings have made a significant impact for its customers.  Reducing energy consumption and improving business performance is a win-win for businesses by any standard. If your company is battling data growth and energy costs, check out Sybase IQ, a smarter solution to tackle the root cause now and into the future.


Read more about Green IQ in the following article, published on The Data Warhousing Institute (TDWI) site:

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