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Archive for June 2009

Column-Orientation, Italian Style

I spent a few moments on a flight back from Buenos Aires this past week, reading the comments of SAP’s co-founder Hisso Plattner, regarding the bright future for column-oriented databases, and can only conclude that we’re of like minds. [Now if I could achieve being of “like portfolios” I’d be truly set, but that’ll have [...]

New Book: “The New Data Imperative”

I’ve just finished reading my advance copy of “The New Data Imperative – Managing Real-Time Risk in Capital Markets”.

If you’d like to see my thoughts on the book, give the blog entry a read.

What’s Your Green IQ?: Tackling Data Center Energy Costs at the Root Cause

One of the many challenges that businesses face today seems almost impossible to solve: the need to store, manage, and analyze an ever-increasing amount of data while keeping data center power, cooling, and real estate costs down. It falls into that “doing more with less” category, but it is far more than a cliche.  This [...]

Product of the Year

It’s exciting to see what a tremendous impression the Sybase Analytic Appliance has made in the short time since we introduced it. We formally announced the Analytic Appliance in May of  ’08 (GA in August of ’08), and it has already captured significant media attention and a rapidly growing user base. Add to that the honor of [...]