PowerBuilder 12.5 Released!

And here it is!


New WPF DataWindow Features:

  • AutoWidth Column for grid style DataWindow
  • Optimized SRD syntax
  • DataWindow Buffers in the Debugger
  • Tab Order and Enabled support
  • Child DataWindow control support
  • New Candlestick Graph DataWindow style
  • Global Functions list

New Win32 DataWindow Features:

  • AutoWidth Column for grid style DataWindow
  • New Properties for DataWindow controls
  • Transparent Property for Window Controls
  • Transparency property for all Standalone Controls
  • Sharing data sources with .NET
  • RTF and Images in the DataWindow
  • User-Drawn Controls in the DataWindow

New Target Types

  • WCF Services
  • Support for Custom Visual User Objects (CVUO) as .NET Assemblies
  • PB .NET Assembly

REST Client support – PowerBuilder .NET targets can be clients that consume RESTful (Representational State Transfer) Web Services

Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Batch Command Processing
  • Multithreading support
  • Language Enhancements
  • Script Editor semantic checking
  • ASE 15.5 BigTime and BigDateTime datatype support

.NET 4.0 Framework support

  • Improved security for .NET applications
  •  Improved exception handling for applications that leverage the .NET framework
  •  Improved WPF 4.0 enhancements – so all the new functionality that Microsoft has put into the .NET Framework 4.0  for WPF will be leveraged in the targets listed above

You can download this release at the Sybase Product Download Center:

If you have lost your password, use the “Password Finder” link at the bottom of the Product Download

Center login page, enter your email address, and your password will be emailed to you.

For help downloading or questions regarding your Sybase Product Download Center account, contact

sybase@subscribenet.com or call 1-888-715-4687 (in the U.S.) or 1-408-642-3965 (outside the U.S.).

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  1. Rich Bianco says:

    Hi John,

    As a career PB developer, I have been looking forward to this. I recently attended a PB session in Orlando, Florida and have to say that the direction SAP is taking PowerBuilder is pretty exciting. The ability to export a dataobject into basic html/javascript was cool enough and would be an asset if that feature were not taken any farther. I think the decision to not follow Silverlight was good, as HTML 5 is the way to go, and I love Silverlight, we’ve got to remember that Silverlight is only installed on 60-70% (based on what I see on my sites) of machines compared to Flash at nearly 100%. HTML 5 should be 100% before Silverlight is and your audience is tons bigger.
    (aka DisplacedGuy)

  2. Rich Bianco says:

    Hi John,

    Sorry to double comment here, but forgot to mention that I’ve been building a collection of PowerBuilder 12 Training Links, all free links to PowerBuilder Videos, PB Sample Code, Learning Material and a few exceptional PowerBuilder articles. I’ve had a lot of my readers ask about Powerbuilder 12.NET training, it seems the stuff on Sybase site doesn’t get indexed well.

    The PowerBuilder 12.NET Training Videos and Links are always free ones and if you have any suggestions to add let me know I’ll gladly add them. I may start a PB blogroll too.


  3. Ayuda says:

    Me gustaria mas video y mas informacion de power builder 12.5, en especial, como desarrollar una aplicacion web.

    De antemano te agradezco de todo corazon.

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