PowerBuilder 12 at MS TechEd: Day 2

Scenes from a Trade Show

PowerBuilder user sound bytes[sic] overheard…

- “…man I saw PowerBuilder…12?..and I said [to myself] oooooooooooo…”

“…you give me any [C#/Java] application and I’ll get it done in a third of the time…”


…and…”What do you mean WPF doesn’t have Visual Inheritance for WPF?!? [PowerBuilder 12 .NET has enhanced the base WPF technology to implement Visual Inheritance.]

…and thank you!!!  Reinforcements arrived just in time…can you say “hotcakes?”…the best shirt out on the floor.


…PowerBuilder rocker…



…and some more N’Orleans flavor…



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  1. Abhishek says:

    We are thinking of migrating our PB10 application to either PB11.5 or PB12.
    Need some pointers as which one to choose with pros and cons for both.

    Also, is web 2.0 supported by PB12??

    Please advice.

  2. I’d recommend PowerBuilder 12.
    It has everything v11.5 has as well as WPF development capabilities.
    In a couple of years, v11.5 will EOL when PowerBuilder 15 is released.
    v12 will be supported for much longer.

    Which aspect of Web 2.0. That’s a pretty wide scope.


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