PowerBuilder 12 at MS TechEd: Day 1

[ROFL Three hour network outage on the TechEd exhibit hall floor followed by hundreds of my closest friends trying to make up for lost time sharing the same DSL pipe at the hotel...maybe dial-up would be faster...so Day 1 posted a bit late.<G>]

 This is an interesting year for Microsoft. Apple at least momentarily has surpassed MS’s overall market value, Google has its agenda nipping at the heels of certain portions of the revenue stream or at the very least stealing some of the innovator thunder. 2010 arguably finds Microsoft hard pressed to make a big splash at TechEd NA.
Paramount in Bob Muglia’s keynote theme was the extension of applications into the cloud, and marking a milestone of 2010 being in 7th year of a 10 year goal to achieve “Dynamic IT”.



From a developer perspective two things were cause enough to perk my eyebrows up…


Picture a bug discovered, but not only can the current state be captured and passed on to a developer, but past and future state centering around the event of the bug occurrence is exposed, can be played back, stepped into, stepped over…and stepped backward(!) in time.
Debugging recorded by a DVR…on steroids.

PowerPivot for Excel

The second item of interest was one of the most intriguing data visualizations I’ve seen (outside of PowerBuilder) in recent years. Navigate to the Day One keynote (http://www.msteched.com/2010/NorthAmerica/Keynote01) and advance to 1:15:40 to see Amir Netz demonstrate the capabilities of PowerPivot for Excel.


Note the temperature map display of aggregated sales figures for each video title…but wait, there’s more…


…note that the user has elected to sort and categorize the titles by type, by region…



…then drilling down into the category of choice for more detail.


Now that the DataWindow is rendered using WPF, What data visualizations would you like to see? Please comment.
So, the booth. Here we are, the calm before the storm. Compliments to the graphics crew!


…putting the PowerBuilder developer onstage…


…me stealing a moment to snap this pic before diving back in with Lisa Hopkins and Sue Dunnell to run the next demo.


…and of course a bit of N’Orleans flavor…


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