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Business Going Mobile

July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

Mobile operators and banks have been so focused on building mobile commerce solutions for consumers that they seem to have forgotten all about the many opportunities mobility brings to enterprises and corporate banking.

Large transaction processers together with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands are starting to look at how they can leverage the mobile phone to increase productivity in the fulfillment of goods and services, especially in markets that are highly cash-dependant and documentation intensive. Today, for example, in many ‘developing markets,’ when a crate of goods (say a soft drink) is delivered to a local retailer or small shop, the vendors typically have to pay with cash on delivery (COD), which presents costly and time-consuming security, inventory management and logistics problems for the banks, vendors and the retailers.

Sybase is currently piloting—an alternative process for the fulfillment of goods and services via the mobile channel, which removes cash from transaction process, and enables more efficiency overall. This is a game-changing proposition. Using mobility to replace cash on the street would solve a big issue in these markets.

On the banking front, corporate and small business banking arguably have a much bigger demand for mobile than retail banking. Probably 90 percent of mobile banking today is purely focused on retail banking, but if you look at the business case, corporate and small business customers are more willing to pay for mobile services as they increase efficiency for their businesses. These customer are the ones that are looking to approve transactions on the run, like salaries, rent, expenses, PO’s etc. on the go anytime, anywhere. We’re starting to see a lot more interest from businesses for mobile solutions in general, from small businesses through to very large organizations.