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Enterprise Mobility Guide 2011

Today March 1, 2011, Sybase have announced the release of its Enterprise Mobility Guide 2011. This inaugural publication contains the Latest Tips, Trends and Success in Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Development from experts in the field of Mobility. These experts are formed from within Sybase and SAP as well as Partners and [...]

The Key to Strategic Mobile Deployments… So, what’s an IT manager to do?

Over the last year I have been mentioning my thoughts on Mobile Developments and architectures. This week I have seen a great article by my colleague Willie Jow, published on Wireless Week, where he discusses deploying strategic and mobile platforms etc. In the article Willie provides some recommendations as to what CIOs should consider in [...]

Gritting the Slippery Slope of Mobile Applications – Strategic steps to weather development

Today I saw an interesting article by Bill French on iPhoneCTO, entitled Mobile App Strategy: Look Before You Leap – It’s a Slippery Slope I have seen many companies use Mobility to create & expand advantages over their customers and streamline processes, increasing staff & customer satisfaction, so here are some of my articles that [...]

Sybase iAnywhere recognized as a leader in Mobile Device Management Enterprise Software

Whenever I speak or write (check out other recent blogs) about Enterprise Mobility, I always express the necessity of Mobile Device Management, to cover all of the mobile devices that an Enterprise may have, in the very important areas of … * Backup * Configuration * Document and Content * Inventory and License * Software [...]

Sybase Classic Day #3: Sybase knows enterprise mobility

Today Sybase announced that Afaria, which is our mobile device management and security solution, now supports the Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) standards for device management. Now that Afaria also uses the native OMA DM client to manage Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices (including the popular Nokia N70, Nokia E65, Nokia E7, the [...]