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Deployment of the iOS Application

To get here, over that last 8 weeks, we have mentioned using a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) – the Sybase UnWired Platform (SUP) to create Mobile Business Objects (MBO‘s) that abstract our datasources and define what will be synchronized to our iOS Mobile Client. Creating and using an Objective-C Object API for those MBO’s [...]

Will the M-Wallet become a Reality?

Lately there has been a lot of rumor on the web about the iPhone 5, or whatever it will be called… 4GS? Also today we have the announcement of the iPad 2. One thing that most iSpeculators and Technical iBloggers seem to agree on, with regard to the iPhone 5, along with more internal memory [...]

Gritting the Slippery Slope of Mobile Applications – Strategic steps to weather development

Today I saw an interesting article by Bill French on iPhoneCTO, entitled Mobile App Strategy: Look Before You Leap – It’s a Slippery Slope I have seen many companies use Mobility to create & expand advantages over their customers and streamline processes, increasing staff & customer satisfaction, so here are some of my articles that [...]

Steve Jobs & the New iPhone?…Heading towards WWDC the Apple rumor mill starts to spin faster

After an announcement a few days ago from Apple, it seems certain now that Steve Jobs will not be giving the keynote at WWDC in San Francisco, rather this position will be filled by Philip Schiller, Appleā€™s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, along with a team of Apple executives. The Press Release also [...]

Sybase knows how to make the iPhone enterprise-ready!

Following on from my earlier blog “Securing and Delivering Business Data on the iPhone” , today Sybase shipped a new version of iAnywhere Mobile Office for Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone users in the enterprise. The new release offers enhanced administrative, network security, deployment features and allows the extension of enterprise-class email and PIM data [...]

What Do iPhone Developers Think of SDK 3.0 and the OS?

Its now been three days since the announcement of the iPhone 3.0 SDK and OS from Apple, ample time for the eager developers and users to have made their mind up. In fact I set a Linkedin Poll as soon as the announcement finished and already have had over 100 responses. I have felt a bit like a reporter following President Obama’s first 100 days in office and we all know first impresstions count, so whats the score?