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Get Your Sybase Mobile Commerce Guide 2011

May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized | Comments (1)

Mobility is transforming our world, and it will continue to do so, in more ways that anyone can imagine today. Just as mobile phones forever changed our ability to communicate, mobile banking, payments, remittance, vouchers, marketing and apps will forever change business: the way money changes hands and the way enterprises and customers interact. Even if your company isn’t planning to be directly involved, it’s important to understand that mobile commerce will affect you and the way you do business.

Sybase 365 will release its Mobile Commerce Guide 2011 soon, which provides a broad survey of the state of mCommerce today. It’s full of articles by industry experts from all over the world, telling the story of mCommerce at work with proof points, case studies of real customer deployments, charts and illustrations, projections, forecasts and viewpoints from banks, operators, independent consultants and industry analysts. Reading it will bring even a novice up to speed.

The article I contributed, “10 Lessons for mCommerce Implementations,” shares lessons learned from the world’s most successful mCommerce deployments: paybox in Austria, Compass Bank in the United States, mpass in Germany, Celcom in Malaysia and others. The world is witnessing a explosion in smartphones that will bring about a sea change in terms of applications, capabilities and services available to the consumer. Operators and banks are in a race to enroll customers and offer mobile commerce services. The lessons learned will serve as a baseline for successfully launching new services. Before this space really takes off, we’ll continue to learn, and we’ll continue to share those on this blog.

Get your free copy of the Mobile Commerce Guide here.