3 Transformative Business New Year's Resolutions

January 6th, 2011 by Sybase Mobility Product Marketing | Tags: , , , , , ,

It is a new year and a new beginning for us all. Many of us use the start of a New Year as an opportunity to make New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. Resolutions that we often set as individuals include self betterment, losing weight, controlling finances, and so on. For many businesses January is the beginning of a new fiscal year and organizations set goals to overcome their every day challenges.

Skeptics may argue that resolutions more often than not broken because we are creatures of habit and are likely to return to our own ways. To make changes that will last habits must be broken. For a business to alter their behavior they must transform their enterprise and such a transformation is possible with mobility.

Businesses can better themselves with mobility. Enterprises can provide their employees with instant access to business critical information through mobilized processes and operations. With mobility businesses are equipped to deploy secure and managed enterprise applications to mobile devices and tablets. With mobility, the familiar excuse of “I’ll do it when I get back to the office” will no longer exist because employees using mobile applications on their devices and tablets are empowered to collect, access, share, manage and secure data at anytime, anywhere. Mobilizing business workflows allows the enterprise to maintain their velocity when employees are travelling, working in remote locations, and out of the office. This results in improved productivity which allows for better work-life balance and reduced stress.

Businesses can lose weight with mobility. Task and information workers carry laptops with them every day that weigh between 5 to 12lbs. Businesses can ditch these cumbersome units for light weight mobile devices and tablets. This enterprise weight lose program is already in place for many organizations and employees are driving the change. Employees and corporations continue to support the proliferation of mobile devices. Employees are bringing their preferred devices, i.e. iPhones and Androids, into the enterprise and have the expectation that they can use such devices for business operations. The same holds true for tablet devices. 2010 was a year of massive tablet adoption and 2011 is likely to be a year of continued adoption and new releases to compete with Apple iPad and Android OS tablets. This weight loss program is fool proof, does not require a gym membership, and can be achieved quickly.

Businesses can improve finances with mobility. Mobilizing business processes saves both time and resources. Workflows including travel and expenses are simplified with mobility because requestors and approvals can take action instantly from their mobile devices. Employees are therefore able to lock in the best rates and receive compensation quickly. Mobile CRM systems support sales representatives to spend more time selling because they are able to access, update, and share customer information, opportunities, and forecasts at any time and from anywhere using their mobile device. Sales representatives are empowered by mobility to increase their revenue efforts and results. Many forms of financial information can be constantly updated with mobile enterprise applications. This allows the enterprise to make faster and smarter business decisions which results in reduced costs and increased revenue.

Mobility transforms the enterprise because it allows businesses to improve worker productivity, enable employees to easily access information, and make more strategic decisions. Use this New Year as an opportunity to set resolutions that will transform your business.

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