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Not Everyone Has An iPhone

When reading about mobile commerce, you could be easily forgiven for thinking that everyone has an iPhone. And if recent news coverage is to be believed, no one has a Nokia anymore. But neither is true. Recently I took delivery of my first Android device, after my trusty Nokia E71 finally gave up the ghost. [...]

iPhone… part two

A few posts ago I wrote about how the iPhone (or full browsers on mobile phones) does not mean the end of mobile banking. And in that post I mentioned that I had some other reasons why mobile banking is different. During the interim we’ve been interviewing candidates for a number of roles within Sybase [...]

So, the iPhone… Part 1

Regular readers of, my colleague, Bill Dudley’s blog will know of his near obsession with the iPhone. And of course I take great pleasure from gently teasing him about this. So me posting an entry on the iPhone is of course going to enable him to get his revenge. But, for you, I’ll take that [...]